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- Acentos fuera, teclado americano -
Es un poco tarde, pero quiero compartir algunas cosas y para que no se me olviden lo voy a hacer ahora. He decidido enumerarlas de forma que no sea haga tan extenso el "post", aunque honestamente dudo de mi capacidad para mantenerlo al margen de lectura:
1. Por que el titulo de este post es "Brida"? 2. 3 Metros sobre el cielo 3. El Brillo de los Ojos 4. La fidelidad, teoria o realidad? - Todo lo escrito es responsabilidad del "Blog Owner" -

Brida es un libro (autor Paulo Coelho, conocido tambien por "El Alquimista") que me recomendo un amigo (A.G.) hace mucho tiempo. Trata de la busqueda constante de nuestra "otra mitad". Mucha gente opina que solo tenemos "UN amor" en la vida y se suele esperar que ese sea nuestro companero de por vida. Pero ahora que recuerdo el libro y me situo en lo poco que he experimentado, creo que podemos tener muchas "mitades" y que podemos disfrutar de formas…

Mui Ne - Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam

Since the moment we arrived to Mui Ne, the experience was pretty good. We stayed in a hotel with bungalows, we had a portion of beach and a small but cozy pool. Our mechanism of transportation was again motorbikes.To gain time and despite of the timing, we headed to some cool dunes (red sand). There, like waiting for us, was group of kids "offering" a plastic "something" for us to slide through the sand. There was only one girl in this group, but she was smart enough to follow H.C. and myself - both girls - and to try to convince us to rent her the plastic piece. As you may imagine we gave up to her charm and her "try-to-speak-spanish" attempt.

After this exhausting experience, sliding and sliding again... we headed to the hotel, changed clothes and went out to have dinner and a drink outside since there was nothing to do inside the hotel.
For dinner we made a stop in a sort of seafront. We ordered and while eating we saw a beautiful rat going strai…

November Rain

Sometimes you have to do tasks in the office that you don't particularly like. My boss says that is why they call it "work", although I still have my doubts on whether he says that so that I stop complaining or not.

After a few months of very low motivation (but with the will of continuing my development in the company.. and let us hope this doesn't fade), one of my bosses promise to give me more challenging activities. And I don't know if you have experienced this before, but it is amazing how a phrase can make me so happy although there is no fixed date yet.

That day and in the gym, I was watching the 5 - 7 year old kids trying to cross the pool from one side to another. How hard can that be! How little is one in a 25 meters length space! I remember to have that feeling when I was learning to swim.. and also the strange sensation that when going to the deepest part of the pool I will find myself with a shark that will eat me... A shark in a pool.. yes. But …

Love of my life

Someone, one day, said to me that you marry the woman/man of your life, but never the love of your life.

Since my ipod suffle brought this one to my ears, I share it with you all..

This song really makes me feel that the first statement is not necessarily true. Enjoy!

Love of my life - Carlos Santana ft Dave Matthews Band

Where you are, is where I wanna be
And through your eyes, all the things I wanna see
And in the night, you are my dream
You're everything to me

You're the love of my life
And the breath in my prayers
Take my hand, lead me there
what i need is you here

I can't forget the taste of your mouth
From your lips all the heavens pour out

I can't forget when we are one
It's you alone and I am free

Everyday, every night, you alone
You're the love of my life
Everyday, every night, you alone,
You're the love of my life

We go dancing in the moonlight
With the starlight in your eyes
We go dancing till the sunrise
You and me we're gonna dance, dance, dance

To find a job or to identify your professional career interest

In certain countries the idea of having a job is more important than the one of doing something you are really interested in. An if you think about it, this is not something crazy at all. In undeveloped countries depending on your economic status or on your networking you will have the opportunity (or not) of doing something related to your career. But this not neccessarly indicates that you will have a professional career in the company you are working in or that will lead you to an important position in which you feel professionally developed. But the thing is that the people in those countries are lacking vision of what is outside, and are standing in this position because bringing money to the house is a priority. Risking their job seems to be a nonsense, and it probably is.
In countries with a less critical economic situation (not counting the citizens without any education that havent been able to reach an university level or similar), you have the opportunity of sitting with you…

A gray day

September 23rd, 2010

2010 welcomes the fall. And as one would have expected, the season started by raining. Temperatures going down, people wearing whatever they want because they are not sure of which clothes to use now. The fan is off, the windows are almost entirely closed.

And of course, the begining of the 3rd "Aguila Roja" season, which keeps me a little excited about September.

Because "fall"... is definitely not my favorite one...

Perspectiva desde el Balcón