To find a job or to identify your professional career interest

In certain countries the idea of having a job is more important than the one of doing something you are really interested in. An if you think about it, this is not something crazy at all.
In undeveloped countries depending on your economic status or on your networking you will have the opportunity (or not) of doing something related to your career. But this not neccessarly indicates that you will have a professional career in the company you are working in or that will lead you to an important position in which you feel professionally developed.
But the thing is that the people in those countries are lacking vision of what is outside, and are standing in this position because bringing money to the house is a priority. Risking their job seems to be a nonsense, and it probably is.

In countries with a less critical economic situation (not counting the citizens without any education that havent been able to reach an university level or similar), you have the opportunity of sitting with your boss and discussing what your interests are, what your plan is, where would you like to see yourself in the upcoming years. Designing your career seems to be a natural thing, so as doing something where you are good at.
Anyway, having an option always seems to be the right choice, at least for me. I truly hope someday, everybody can have the same chances, the same opportunities.. otherwise why do we have governments and why do we have institutions like UNICEF who are "always" fighting for the children's rights...


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