Mui Ne - Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam

Since the moment we arrived to Mui Ne, the experience was pretty good. We stayed in a hotel with bungalows, we had a portion of beach and a small but cozy pool. Our mechanism of transportation was again motorbikes. To gain time and despite of the timing, we headed to some cool dunes (red sand). There, like waiting for us, was group of kids "offering" a plastic "something" for us to slide through the sand. There was only one girl in this group, but she was smart enough to follow H.C. and myself - both girls - and to try to convince us to rent her the plastic piece. As you may imagine we gave up to her charm and her "try-to-speak-spanish" attempt.

After this exhausting experience, sliding and sliding again... we headed to the hotel, changed clothes and went out to have dinner and a drink outside since there was nothing to do inside the hotel.
For dinner we made a stop in a sort of seafront. We ordered and while eating we saw a beautiful rat going straight to the "improvised kitchen". As you may imagine, we continued eating but always with the strange sensation of rats everywhere.

For the drinks we made a stop in a curious place, the decoration was very colorful and the coctels were not bad.

The day after, we had some massages in the beach, H.C. and S.D. didnt like them so much, but as for A.L and myself enjoyed them a lot. This day passed very fast, we were to go to Ho Chi Minh by bus, in order to go to Hong Kong and continue our last days.

There was nothing exciting about Ho Chi Minh (aka Saigon), or at least I didnt feel nothing. Probably because we only stayed a night and that was it. Kids playing games in a portion of land, a lot of "street - stores", "street - restaurants". This was a little more like a city compared to the places in which we were staying through our Vietnam tour. Not as impressive though.

And with this, Vietnam was over. A country with a lot of charm, things undiscovered by people like me who come from an island in the opposite side of the world. Its citizens are the exact proof of "unrich but happy" story. I definitely recommend this country to be seen at least one in a lifetime.


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