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What about North America and the Caribbean?

If I tell you.... Did you know Mexico is in Central America? What would you say?
If I tell you... Do you know where South America start? What would you say?
If I tell you... Do you know where the Dominican Republic is? Is it in South America? What would you say? ...

You might think.. its just a simple question with a simple answer, dont you?The truth is that a lot of people that are living in Europe or United States are not aware of the country distribution among continents..
And since I have had people speaking in front of me saying whatever they think, I have thought it was a great idea to create a post with this valuable information...

Mexico.With an extension of 2M Km2. Its not the generator of the porcine influenza (Spanish Source:
Geographic location according to continents... North America. (Spanish Source:

Dominican Republic.

Very different from Mexico, the Dominican Republic has 48.442 Km2. It…

Slow Movement...

When I first saw this phrase in a friend's facebook profile, I thought this was about promoting a healthier way of life through calmness, stressless' choices.
The fact that some people invest their time trying to find new ecologically sustainable ways of thinking, living and interacting in world community, is for me very interesting.
I have always questioned myself if there is the need for people to go around without having time to themselves, companion, education or without the need of progress.
This "Movement" combines Slow Travels, Food, Cities, Books, Schools, Living, Money... and encourage people to adopt personal sustainable development.
I strongly recommend you to take a look at this great web: Slow Movement