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Eskerrik Asko

There has been rivality between Spain and the Basque Country (Pais Vasco in Spanish) for ages now. I will not force myself to describe the situation, but it is true that some claim for Independence and others for Independence as well.
I have heard people in Madrid speaking in regards of the Basque Country as a place very hostile, difficult to live, depending on the area they say its ugly...So I have been very curious about it and joined my flatmate into an adventure to Bilbao. As we went there, my first impression was it resembles Dublin to me. Very green, cold and wet. People carrying their umbrellas with them everywhere they go. My second thought was.. this is such a silent place. I mean, for being the hometown of many terrorists, Its pretty quiet.
Their way of expressing their controversial ideas is by grafitti, signs hanging on their balconies...

This last picture is from a house meant for "eta" activities. We were very silent while crossing, and trying not to look a lot. …

Coffee Break

When in my MBA a man by the name of Juan Aitor Lago (who happened to be one of the jury of my final project, and whom I believe as a very wise man), said that in order to succeed you needed to have some key things, out of which I can only recall 3: cash flow, presence and networking. I agree on that, and I truly believe that having money, having the appropriate appearance and knowing the right people can get you very far. Hopefully you, readers, will have them all. Though it is not my case.

A few weeks ago, in my office, they organized a conference by a "spanish" woman under the name of Pino Bethencourt. She is the writter of "El exito en seis cafes" or "Success in 6 coffees". I havent read the book and I didnt know the woman until that day, but according to the people that were in the conference, they say, she explained the importance of networking, how to well manage the contacts that you have during your life in order to obtain some mutual benefit…