November Rain

Sometimes you have to do tasks in the office that you don't particularly like. My boss says that is why they call it "work", although I still have my doubts on whether he says that so that I stop complaining or not.

After a few months of very low motivation (but with the will of continuing my development in the company.. and let us hope this doesn't fade), one of my bosses promise to give me more challenging activities. And I don't know if you have experienced this before, but it is amazing how a phrase can make me so happy although there is no fixed date yet.

That day and in the gym, I was watching the 5 - 7 year old kids trying to cross the pool from one side to another. How hard can that be! How little is one in a 25 meters length space! I remember to have that feeling when I was learning to swim.. and also the strange sensation that when going to the deepest part of the pool I will find myself with a shark that will eat me... A shark in a pool.. yes. But once I crossed the pool, I felt safe.
It also came to my mind those vacations in Disney World... the theme parks can seem enormous and stressful for a child.. I used to stop every time I saw a water machine or ask my father for an ice cream with the form of a Mickey Mouse head.

November, what a beautiful month!
Despite of the fact we were/are still in "fall" and that things still look turbulent in the office, I went on vacation. My annual leave finally arrived. I needed a break from work, from the regular people, from the routine.


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