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Do you like sports?
Well, as I have said in many of my previous posts, I dont like sports very much.
But this weekend we had some french girls (friends of my flatmate) that wanted to go to a basketball match.
Since I have a friend that works for one of the teams (Madrid - Estudiantes) and which with luck were playing this weekend, we went there and entered without paying.
We were located in a zone that was worth 40 euros per head.

When you access the stadium is interesting to see how well ligthed it is. A lot more people than what I expected.
During the quarter breaks, kids entered to play in the main area. And its just very funny to see that the kids are so short and the basket is so friking high that they wouldnt score not even in dreams..

A new experience, just as many as what I have lived this past month.... I strongly recommend you go to one of this matches... Either in Madrid or in your local city.

I miss my car

How good is it to feel that when you are leaving work late there is someone/something waiting for you...
How good is it to feel that you don't need to rush to the last bus, because your car is there ..

Transportation here is good. Good enough compared to the one of the Dominican Republic and I believe that it is compared to some other countries...
But still.. isn't it better to have your favorite music turned on, the air conditioner on or the windows down whenever you want them, or simply arriving or leaving at the time you please. Not being surrounded by thousands of people like a tuna can.

I miss arriving home from work in 10 minutes, the food made by my granma, my dog barking whenever she heard the sound of my Ford's wheels.
I so miss my sweet tiny Ford Festiva :(

No matter how difficult was to turn in a corner, because of the hard wheel. No matter how many times it didn't want to run. No matter how weird I may look.