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Leaving the "Mangú" behind to go abroad

Many people wonder why others leave their hometowns if they have a “confi” bed, a “decent” income, live in “dream countries” with amazing beaches, or whatever that might sound reasonable. 
Perhaps because of the need to learn new things, to gain independence, to discover cultures, to start thinking “out-of-the-box” (being the box: your hometown and the people that live there), to break the “path/trend” of doing what culture imposes (being the trend: having kids at age +21 and/or marring, forming a family you don’t truly want at that time).
The truth is that, well, there is no good answer to that question as we all leave for our own personal reasons and pursuing different purposes.
Us, We (or what I like to call it), the “world travelers” are not a weird human kind.  We are more common than we might think.  We are not more special than others, we just choose a different way of living. 
Do we risk more?  Are we really more open minded than the rest?  Who knows!  We shouldn't be the on…