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Trip to Vietnam

Can you believe I am in Vietnam!!!!???
I dont even believe it myself!
Promise to tell you all about it once I am back in Madrid.. Day by day...
So far, one of my best trips... If you ever have the chance.. take it.. and enjoy it..
Right now, Im headding off to the beach.. so goodbye readers!!!

Un jour, un "post", une photo: The Cranberries

A white coat, a pair of white tennis and a voice sweet but "slightly" out of tune started the night. Dolores O'Riordan was on stage, singing for the first time after 7 years out.
Walking from one side to the other side of the "Vista Alegre" stage, dancing like to make a fool of herself, saying over and over again "Gracias" to the audience. An hour and a half were just not enough for those who had high expectations from this concert (myself included). Songs like "Animal Instinct", "Promises", "Linger", "Zombie", "Salvation"... were the most chanted ones. We definitely missed "Just my Imagination".
The scenography was not as impressive as the ones that I have seen not long ago in the "Depeche Mode's concert" or in the "The Killers" one. But still, this group didnt need that in order to make people enjoy its music and its simpleness.

Un jour, un "post", une photo: Kapital

Mimi, my flatmate, whose also known as Mylène, had some french friends over at our house. Since Mimi doesn't go out much to places that involve alcohol and "I do", she was counting on me to take her friends out and introduce them to Madrid's nightlife.
Where to take them was the BIG question... She wanted to go to a big place with cool music and cool people.. We had 2 options: "Kapital" wich is nearby our house has 7 floors + different music on each floor or "Pacha" which only features electro music.
I think you can guess what we chose.
Kapital was crowded. We spent about 1 hour just trying to put our coats in the wardrobe. Don't even get me started on how long it took us to order one drink!
First we chose to go to the "latin music floor" and we spent about 2 hours metting some people and dancing a bit.. Then we went for a tour of the 7th floor which is a terrace. The terrace had a laid-back atmosphere, chillout music and cool seats. W…

Un jour, un email, une photo, vs. Un jour, un "post", une photo

The subject of this post is the copy of an initiative that my flatmate started. She was taking pictures during 365 days and sending it to her closest friends and family during her stay in Spain as "Erasmus" in Madrid.
So, starting tomorrow I will be posting a photo and my experience in a specific day, which I hope you enjoy.