Perspectiva desde el Balcón

People say you never know what you have had until you have lost it. And I have felt that feeling quite a bit in the past 3 years after moving to Madrid.

The Balcony

As you all may know, I have recently moved to my new apartment. And if you still are not aware of this, please dismiss this post NOW!!

Different than the others, although not the only thing, is the balcony I now have.

The idea of sitting outside to eat, to write, to hear the loud people or kids playing, fascinated me. So I have tasted a couple of times already the balcony in my new house, and it felt amazing.

The simplicity of sitting and watching the night lights, watching the “park” in front of the house. I mean, don’t create yourself a world on something as simple as sleeping, it is not an incredible view I have, but breathing the outside air just seems like a dignifying thing all human beings must have in their houses.

The past week, for example, after an intense cleaning routine my break was going to the balcony and do absolutely nothing. How many times have I done that here? Just one that I can recall, and it was a day in Plaza Santa Ana. Me sitting in a table reading. People might have thought I was waiting for the “never arriving person”. A bit miserable some people may think. And truly I don’t understand why I haven’t repeated the action again, it felt like a “non-dependant-of-your-friends-to-go-out-day”.

Think about it! It is like going to the park just nearby your house but in your own house.

The balcony, and this is as everything in this blog, my personal opinion, must be considered as important as a bed or a bathroom. The balcony could be the author of feelings, ideas... or simply the incredible conversation that I someday expect to have with someone, while having a glass of wine.


Caro said…
I just love your new place...this balcony will be an eyewitness of a lot of very good memories. :)
Ana said…
Indeed my dear Caro =)

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