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For locations like this is that I declare myself a “French culture lover”.  Actually, I still believe that I should have moved there a while ago and I think I will eventually.
Bordeaux is a city in the southwest coast of France with a very high number of students, immigrants and bikes.
The grace of this city is not based on its size but on the amount of architecture it has consolidated in such a small space.  Not only amazing to the ones that go for pure tourism – like me - but also to the ones that live there.
The journey started a bit late with my arrival at 11pm aprox.  We headed towards the city centre by bus and then Mimi and her friend (A) gave me a “short-night-tour” by railway. 
The charms of the city include – things you can’t miss:
The Market.  Colorful place with very friendly attendants willing to pose for a picture they will never see. In it you will find a bunch of seafood, which is a normal thing because of the location of Bordeaux.

Santosha and Place Fernand Lafargue.  I am…

Seeking for Order

They say order is good.  Today, I find it somehow inspiring.

The need for a change, the sense that I might be a bit comfortable is not good, it is not letting me dream.  And oh, I miss the excitement of new experiences, of new challenges, of new people, new things to learn.  Thirst. Thirst for youth to last a bit more, for as long as my heart asks for more.

In the upcoming days this page will suffer some changes.  Let us say, all my social media environment.  I need to renew.  If the challenges don’t come, I might somehow seek them.

So, yes.  Let us put order.