Un jour, un "post", une photo: La Camaradería

"La Negra Tomasa" is a well known Cuban restaurant in Madrid that offers very good Caribbean food and great live concerts.
My roommate and I have fallen in love with the Monday nights there because is less crowded than any other day of the week and therefore one can better enjoy the music & the food.

The group that plays on Monday's is called "Los Chocolatinos". My personal opinion? If you hear the members of this band separately
they are great, if you put them altogether they sound amazing.

But today, I'm not here to talk about "Los Chocolatinos", but about "La Camaradería".

(Picture from www.myspace.com/lacamaraderiaflamenca)

I was sort of "invited" by one of the members (to me, one of the best guitar players I have heard in a while) of "Los Chocolatinos" to "La Camaradería"'s concert. He plays there as well.

"El Local", as he said, is an underground bar in Madrid. My first impression? Not so underground... the only thing that was underground is that to go to the bar itself you have to go downstairs ( =) ). Very small, simple, cheap and among everything cozy. The soft lighting made it just perfect.

So yes, I was not going to go by myself, so I convinced Mimi and 2 other friends to join me and watch them play. We sat at the seats that were left not too far from what one could call "stage". They started 45 minutes after scheduled, but it was worth it.

"La Camaradería" is a spanish band that plays "flamenco", sometimes with a very interesting latin-american touch.
The sound of the flute, guitars, the box of wood ("cajón", not sure how to translate that..), and the beautiful voice of the girl that sings, made just the perfect combination.

This concert was like hearing a group of friends doing what they love: Music.
Emotion is always present in this type of plays in which the "flamenco" style is the main character. And that you can tell by the face, or better said, the passion with which the singer performs.
The complicity with the audience was evident and the magic flew fastly to each one of us.

No doubt, "La Camaradería" will see me around very soon... this concert was just charming enough to remain in my head for a while...


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