One day my co-worker (H.C.) said that a friend of hers was organizing a trip to some exotic and far off destination. She asked to the people around her if someone was interested, and at that moment I didn't pay much attention to her what she was saying. At the time I was in an emotional state of mind, I looked over the proposed trip itinerary and said "Im in!".

2 strangers, my co-worker and I ventured off on a 17 day trip to Vietnam, Shanghai and Hong Kong, even though some other destinations were considered, such as Malaysia, many cities in China, Thailand and Macau. The chosen route was very exciting and in my following posts I will describe my experience in each of the locations we visited and the things we discovered.

Today.. The "tripmates"..

H.C., a 25 year old girl, lively, always positive, talkative, social, and has the ability to enjoy everything despite of whether is good or bad. She has white skin, brown eyes, straight hair and she is Spanish (from Madrid).

S.D. a 26 years old boy, trip organizer, sometimes wears glasses or lenses (depending on the day), also has white skin, always willing to investigate when he wants to see something in a city, not as talkative as H.C. but no as quite as me when I dont know someone that much. He is Spanish as well (from Madrid).

A.L. a 27 year old boy, friend of H.C. and of S.D., creative, with a good knowledge of photography, with a skin more white than the other 2, daltonic, incredibly funny but still a little tense depending on the answers he receive. Spanish (from Madrid).

Myself, 24 year old girl, tanned skin, Dominican, not so talkative when something does not catch my attention, love traveling, and if there is something I dislike I say it how it isy... With specific preferences in food and love to shower frequently.

The four of us, alike but different at the same time, left on March 18th destination Shanghai...


mentioning skin colors.. can be harassing.
Ana Beatriz said…
Es un elemento importante... ya le encontraras el sentido mas adelante ;)

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