Moving, all the people moving

When I think of the word "moving", a song comes to my mind (Moving - Macaco). This "green peace" song was thought to be a call to action for all of those who felt some sort of compromise with the environment. Yes, because we all know that the trend initiated a few years from now is to show off our "cruel intentions" to help this cause.

Anyway, the reason why this song comes to my mind is that I am in process of moving!
And I truly and deeply hate moving.

It is like the 2 faces of a coin (Heads or trails). In one side the excitement of going to a new place, having even more independence, choosing your roomates, have a decoration of your taste, new neighbors, etc & in the other side the turn off of picking up everything, boxes, cleaning, stress...

Thank God I will be just crossing the street!!! From the 16 to the 15.


jamardi said…
Well, you are going to do great in your "new" neighbourhood, that's for sure! ;-)
Anonymous said…
I am more than sure, u'll be more than a very good "roony" :)
. said…
This comment has been removed by the author.
. said…
Thx for your comments! Hopefully you guys will be right! =)

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