Un jour, un "post", une photo: The Cranberries

A white coat, a pair of white tennis and a voice sweet but "slightly" out of tune started the night. Dolores O'Riordan was on stage, singing for the first time after 7 years out.

Walking from one side to the other side of the "Vista Alegre" stage, dancing like to make a fool of herself, saying over and over again "Gracias" to the audience.
An hour and a half were just not enough for those who had high expectations from this concert (myself included).
Songs like "Animal Instinct", "Promises", "Linger", "Zombie", "Salvation"... were the most chanted ones. We definitely missed "Just my Imagination".

The scenography was not as impressive as the ones that I have seen not long ago in the "Depeche Mode's concert" or in the "The Killers" one. But still, this group didnt need that in order to make people enjoy its music and its simpleness.


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