Olympic Games 2016

After months and months of waiting, yesterday was announced the location for the 2016 Olympic Games.
I have never been fan of any sports (not saying that I have never done any), but this was some big news because Madrid was participating in the elimanatories along with Chicago, Rio de Janeiro and Tokio.
At the beginning I was not very excited, because they were just some games to be played. But then I realized that if Madrid had the headquarter for those games, maybe and only maybe, they would stop talking about the damn crisis.
The thing is that they did not win. New location is Rio de Janeiro.
That makes me very happy because its somewhere nearby my hometown. Brasil is currently a country with a very good economic situation. And they surely will have aswesome games.
We have heard the feedback of Madrid and Chicago. How bad they feel about loosing this. The population comments, and everything.
But what about Tokio? Have someone heard about them? No news, no word, nothing.


Puede ser que haya que buscarlo en japonés... :-/
Ana Beatriz said…
jajaja bueno.. para eso te tengo a ti hermanito... pero algo en inglés debería aparecer..
Irwin A. Féliz said…
Espero no interrumpir. Creo mas alla de buscar en algun archivo de la red, debemos buscarlo en sus corazones heridos. Ajuola!,y no les haya dolido mucho. ;)

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