Adapt or DIE

After – unbelievable - +3 years of absence, I have decided to re-take my blog project. 

Welcome and thank you for taking the time to pass by. This space is where I express my ideas and thoughts around VERY RANDOM TOPICS. Hope you find it interesting and if so OR NOT, please leave me your comments.

For those who are first timers here and have no clue of who I am, my name is Ana Mateo.  I was born a long time ago (no need to bring each other’s trash) in the Dominican Republic, place where I spent more than half of my life (start doing the Math OR NOT).  I have been away from home for the last 10 years, first 5 living in Madrid and last 5 living in Lisbon.  So blog posts might be in whatever language I feel like writing...

I work for Oracle, a big Computer Technology Corporation, as Business Analyst for an EMEA team that focus on SaaS Implementations done through Partners.  I will explain in depth in another chapter what this really means.

There’s been a LOT going on over here.  I moved to Lisbon, tried to learn the language, met a good guy and married.  Those nice love stories (you know...). 

So yes! Exciting times...

In the days that are running, they say you either adjust or die.  So, I have also adjusted a little the format of the blog to make it simpler and easier to navigate. 

Again, welcome and talk soon!



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