Un jour, un "post", une photo: Vetusta Morla

In terms of music I am always open to new stuff, this my friends know better.  Recently I have discovered my passion for "Indie".  For those who are not familiar with "Indie", this is like a more alternative way to present the traditional pop rock (personal opinion).

A friend proposed me to join a group of his friends to go to the Vetusta Morla's concert in Madrid at La Riviera, and this was a great opportunity for me to change my perspective on spanish bands and concerts.  And yes, since I am a very "musical" person, I coudn't refuse going to this live gig.

Apparently this was the last concert to be announced because all of the other 4 were already sold out. Lucky for me!  I was able to buy my ticket.  Expectations regarding this event were increasing.  It was the moment for me to start "rehearsing" the set list.

Vetusta Morla's singer, Pucho, not only gives the band a solid appearance but his voice gives charm to all of their tracks.  The concert started to the tune of the song "Los dias raros", a soft entrance for the band which didn't cease to increase the euphoria of the crowd.  

Tracks like:  Autocrítica and El hombre del Saco, started with some amazing sticks sounds, giving an  amazing "african touch" that caught my attention even more.

Technical review:  The sound during the whole concert was a 10.  The voice of the singer was just as the one in the CD's - very difficult thing to find these days -.  The doors to the Room were not open until very late, the waiting line was too looooong and it was too coooold!!!!  No smoking nor weed allowed, this was perfect.

Overall, Vetusta Morla has been a great discovery for me.  The lyrics, the sound.. make it a band to list as one of my personal favorites and that I MUST recommend.

To him, who told me to join his group of friends to this concert, I must thank.


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