Discovering Central East Africa (Volume 2)

Africa is not all about empty lands, poor people, deserts, black kids going around asking for money, camels, elephants, or whatever those things you are thinking. But yes, you see many of those.

In the past, present and posts to come I just wish to share my perspective on this trip and by no means meant to dispise the work/life of people/organization/city here mentioned.

The reason to chose Kenya was because my brother had some friends living there. They work at United Nations, which happens to be the HQ for Africa. It made a huge impression on me the office they have there, it looked like a College Campus. Makes me wonder that if they claim to be a NGO, shouldnt they be using their funds for the causes they are working for? (UN stated aims are facilitating cooperation in international law, international security, economic development, social progress, human rights, and achievement of world peace)

I mean it is ok to have comfortable offices, a comfotable restaurant, but what is the need for a club that includes a pool, a gym, 2 tennis courts, a park, a ping pong table, and many many other things that you may see in the picture below.

The truth is that all the transfered employees must be really satisfied with this company's benefits. And that you can tell, because when you ask people for all of these commodities, at least my brother's friends, they tend to be very protective of the UN.

Nairobi in Kenya is a city of parties where you don't dance, safaris with all sorts of animals that you can think of, the most amazing hand-stone made jewlery I have seen and bought, unexpected good food, fancy malls, british driving, 4x4 old but useful cars, incredible mountains, campings...

Upcoming Rwanda...


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