Hoi An (3/3)

That night we ate at a Vietnamese restaurant, the food was egg rolls and noodles with the cool-est soda in Asia. The girls finally wore some make up and the new jewlery bought in the city. There was a bus that was supposed to take us from the "Before And Now" bar to the "Hoi An Beach Club". A huge group of people was already waiting for the bus (a 20 seat bus aprox.) but we were smart enough to hurry up in order to sit. Otherwise we would have to wait half an hour for the next bus or to catch a taxi.

First impression!!! A Club in the beach!!! Simply amazing.

We met some great people from Netherlands, Germany, New Zealand... We danced, we tried the "bucket" drink (tasted like medicine, but at a certain point of the night that didnt matter).

When we got to the hotel, late at night we started jumping in the bed, H.C. and I didnt let the guys sleep. Our voice was so loud, that the hotel crew had to catch our attention and scream us to let the other guests sleep.

The morning after, was interesting. The bucket drink made effect, we were wasted! So since we woke up late, we had "breakfast", and left our luggage at the lobby because we were to catch a train to the next city later in the night, but we had to check out of the hotel.

We took the motorbikes and went for a tour to the "Marble Mountain".

This Mountain has a visible religious heritage.

Next stop Nha Trang.


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