Gran Elefant dret

Picture taken from "Fundación la Caixa" webpage

"Gran Elefant dret" is a sculpture that was brought to the entrance of the Caixa Forum in February of the current year.
Miquel Barcelo originally from "Mallorca" was the brain and hands of this work of art.

It consists of an "upside down" elephant (Dumbo style) made out of melted bronze and with at least 7 mts of height.

I am not into art, but everytime I passed through Paseo del Prado and watched this sculpture it gave me a good sensation. Happiness, and simpleness perhaps.

Despite of the fact that elephants are so heavy, the idea of putting it upside down made me feel that even the heavy stuff can be carried. That even when one think something is entirely impossible, there is an elephant putting all its weight in its trunk. Feeling like a feather, feeling free, feeling joyful...

Picture taken from "Fundación la Caixa" webpage


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