Hoi An (2/3)

The morning welcomed us with a not so bright day. A "banana" pancake for breakfast, the option of checking the emails with a very limited internet access, so it went on and off a few times. I had the opportunity to post to all of you saying how great I was spending my vacations. We left our dirty clothes so that the hotel crew did our laundry.

And after doing all of that, we head off to the beach! So we rented 4 bicycles direction Hoi An beach.

The road was very rustic, chaos in the transportation (bikes everywhere and cars that didnt indicate where they were heading). Despite of that, there were many beautiful views you wouldnt imagine.

(Picture of the view.. taken when returning from the beach)

When we first arrived to the beach, there was a bicycle "parking". So we left the bikes there with their locks, and as in any other beach, there were people trying to sell us an umbrella to sit next to. But in the end, the 4 of us only wanted to lay down in the sand, enjoy the weather, the sound of the sea... the simpleness of doing absolutely nothing, but enjoying a great place.
We walked around, A.L. took some professional pictures to us, and to the people around.

We enjoyed the beach, the waves, the heat...
After a while, it was time for lunch. So there were several places to go.. jeje with a very strong local touch. Employees of each food "restaurant" (if I might call it that way) will fight to have you eating in their locals.

So we chose. And we chose the food... and it took a WHILE for our food to be served. It was kind of irritating, because once you leave the beach all you want is to eat a cow.

But of course, the wait was easier to manage, thanks to all the independent vendors that were passing by. Selling sunglasses, jewlery made out of coconuts, and other decoration stuff... I thought those things only happened in my island... but it seemed to be a common thing in Vietnam.

After an awesome afternoon at the beach, we went back to the area in which the hotel was located. The idea of renting a motorbike excited the 4 travelers. So that we did! It was my first time! And first times are G.O.O.D. The adrenaline and "nerviousness" were up enough, although i did saw my life in danger a few times ajajajaja... A.L. was the rider and he didnt even have a drivers license...

We finally arrived the hotel, picked up our laundry (which was not only clean but with a great aroma!, the vietnamese service is outstanding!), and went to the room to change and get ready for the party. The party we didnt enjoy the night before but of which we had made great expectations.


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