GaGa Oh la la!

Lady Gaga is non other than a girl of my age who just happened to reach fame the past years. Converting the Britney Spears & Nsync pop music to a machine of sticky and elaborated hits.

Her impact is not only in terms of music but also in terms of fashion trends.
She is an innovator in all she does. Sometimes people may see her as an outrageous outfitter, but it is true that she serves as inspiration for designers and she is the envie of older pop stars who at her age wouldnt have not even half of her "fanbase".

She has received a huge support in the gay community to who she feels very engaged to, this probably due to her bisexuality.

Lady Gaga, some people say the new Madonna, will continue rocking our worlds with her awesome music.

Here is one of my favorites, Telephone ft Beyonce. Enjoy fellas!


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