Train to Da Nang (City #3)

After the great days spent in Ha Long and Hanoi, we had to take a train to go to the next city.

The arrangements were made prior to the beginning of the trip. Out of the 4 of us, I believe I was the only one who hadnt travelled this way before. So I was both curious and excited about this new experience.

Suddendly this was an adventure.

The cabin was a 4 bed (soft sleeper). We started our train road at 9pm and made out of it a karaoke, a photo studio, a library and of course a room to sleep.

The girls decided they wanted to go in the top beds so the boys had the lower ones. It felt cool to jump and to have a chance to write my notes for these posts, to think for a while...

The morning view from my window was amazing.

I am not sure of at what time we arrived to Da Nang, but I do remember that the sensation of leaving the train and feeling the hot air in my skin was again a flashback of what home feels.

We were harrased by many taxi drivers that wanted to take us to a hotel or I dont know where. But our intensions were to walk around and see what the city had to offer. One of the taxi drivers said responding to this, something like: "Da Nang? There is nothing to see in Da Nang."

But despite of that we started walking 100 mts with our heavy bags and the high sun temperatures, and suddendly we changed our minds.

We took a taxi to the next city which was, in theory, near Da Nang. This taxi was very friendly and very expensive. In our way to Hoi An (City #4) we discovered an area that seemed very "classy" with some casinos, fancy hotels...

And finally, there we were.... at Hoi An.... THE CITY.


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