---Written on Monday---

Sitting in another chair. This time the seat of a train which has Málaga as final destination for a business meeting.

At the end of every fiscal year (fy) in the company I work for we have the annual "Off-site" meeting. It is nothing more than going out of the office for 1 or 2 days and reviewing the achievements of the past fy and sharing with your other colleagues your future challenges for the fy.

My iPod on, of course. Alanis Morissette playing. My head blank but thinking at the same time, as if that could be a possible thing..

I have discovered that many of my "sit and write" moments are initiated by a good background song. So! Here I go!

In the past years I have met a lot of people: People that I like, people that I dislike, people that I wish I never run into again, people I cannot wait to see...

I remember a friend I met at work. I think we were both interns when I first saw him. My first impression of him was like he was a very silent person. He sometimes said hi and sometimes he just passed by without even noticing anyone's presence... or at least that is what he said...
But as time was doing its thing, I had the opportunity to talk to him and to get to know him a little. We had a few things in common like the fact that we were both born on the American continent and we are both living in Europe and working in a multinational company. Talking to him felt like a privilege because of his social perspective, he always came up with great ideas, one of them was something he called "syndrom of social laziness" (if that is a possible translation). Yes, I know, he is a psychologist or something related to Human Resources.

By simply talking to him, you could tell, this guy was interesting. Someone you could definitely learn something from.

I also remember a guy whom I met recently at a concert. The night of the concert was strange.. if I may call it that way =). The drinks were out of hand, the dancing was too much, so we decided to see each other again another day (probably because of the heat of the moment, none of us probably expecting too much from the other).. and so that happened.
This guy is something out of ordinary although from the outside perspective he seem very similar to you or me. We laughed, we talked about life, about trivial things but also about deep life experiences as well.

Those two "meeting people" experiences make me wonder why is it that one looses touch with the ones you would love to stay in touch with. Life would be so simple if we could just: make a call, pick up the phone, send a mail or a sms. Just a signal so that the ones you care about know you think about them. Just because you want to live life, because as Alanis Morissette says...when "You live, you learn"....


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