Hoi An (1/3)

Author: I really want this post to go well, because this was my favorite city among the ones we visited. Hope you enjoy this as much as I did.

We arrived to Hoi An hours passed afternoon. The taxi driver left us at our hotel. A hotel that we didnt reserve and that we happen to find in the 'Lonely Planet' that my tripmates carried.

We explained to the receptionist that we were 4 and that we needed either 2 double bedrooms or a bedroom for 4. And as a joke the receptionist says that there was 1 left bedroom for the 4 of us at a very interesting price! We all agreed.

This city is definitely made out for girls. It was full of flea markets, stores with all sort of things, specially with clothes & shoes made in 24hrs or less with your measures, and tons of jewelry made out of coconuts...

We left our bags in the room, changed clothes and went for a walk. At the hotel, they explained us how to get to the main streets, the markets, the RESTAURANTS.. and gave us a map with indications. The vietnamese are (at least the ones in Hoi An) EXTRAORDINARY. So we started our walk in search for the food and discovered the stores.... the stores with those jewelries..... And started with the technique of the "Mad cua, Yam Yam" (a colleague at work told us that in order to ask for a discount, you had to say those phrases, which meant, in theory, "Too expensive, Cheaper Cheaper"). So people started to laugh at us, but in the end they ended up reducing prices! So it worked!

We stopped at an international restaurant, Before and Now, which made a huge contrast with the stores around. For the 4 of us, it seemed like a restaurant opened by some australian or someone near that area. We really felt like eating pasta, pizza... all of us were kinda fed up of the noodles, the chicken & the rice... The place was good, the food was
good and the service good too.
The curious thing about this place is, that it was not only a restaurant, but it seemed to be the only place opened at night for drinks...
So after a tour in the city, walking and taking pictures we decided to go back to the hotel for a "nap".

Me and A.L. without even noticing fell asleep, and the "nap" ended up being a long sleep. The other 2 went for a short walk and some drinks. Night arrived and our 2 tripmates came back. So they went to the pool and then the 4 of us got dressed up to go out again.

While looking for a cool place to go and considering the time it was, the only place we saw opened was the Before and Now restaurant. So we sat down, ask for some pizzas and drinks and enjoyed our INCREDIBLE vacations.

At almost midnight a young and handsome guy approached our table to invite us to the "Beach Club", Yeah baby, party @ the beach! But since our idea was to do some touring the next day we decided to leave the party for the day after..........


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