Hanoi (City #1), Vietnam

This time the plane was full of chinese and vietnamese (At least they werent starying at us as if we were from another planet).

We arrived late at night to the Hanoi's Airport, took a taxi which didnt understand our explanation of the hotel name nor location, but according to him, he already knew where to take us.

Going through those roads was a deja vu. The road and the wet air felt very familiar, just as if I was home.

When we arrived to the alleged hotel, the taxi driver took out all of our bags and left us there. We paid 15 dollars for his service.

A few minutes passed, after we spoke to the girl that worked in the hotel and she realized that OUR hotel (the one in which we had a reservation), was not the one in which the taxi driver left us at..... Conclusion: 2 hotels, same name, different addresses.... Thank you. The girl gave us advice in how much the new taxi driver should ask for this service, first friendly vietnamese experience.

So we called another taxi, to take us to the good one. No more than 10 minutes and we were there...

First impression: The guys that were supposed to help us with your bag and take them to the room were sleeping in the floor of the hotel entrance......... But all of the sudden after hearing us, they were steady and smiling.

A.L. and S.D (the guys) went to one room, the girls to another one... So, the boy that was helping us take our bags to the room opened the door and guess what? I see a very pretty roach welcoming us.... the boy killed it and took it outside with his hand, no paper....

And then, as if that was not enough, the bed I chose had little bugs... So H.C and I ended up sleeping in the same bed like good sisters... just because of my panic... =)

The next morning we had breakfast, I washed my hair... and S.D comes and tells us that he didnt sleep well because at 3 in the morning he realized he hadnt given the address of our hotel to the people that were organizing our trip for the upcoming 2 days (To Ha Long Bay). So he moved air and sea to solve that, and in a matter of 30 minutes we were on the road, destination the beautiful Ha Long Bay.


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