Ha Long Bay (Stop #2)

We took a taxi that would take us to Ha Long Bay, the road was interesting because it was giving us an air of what Vietnam was about. A very rural country, with incredible green grass, an economy probably based on tourism but also in agricultural activities.

I still couldnt define whether this country was rich or poor. Some aspects showed power but some others showed lack of resources.

We finally arrived to the BEAUTIFUL Ha Long Bay. It was something so unfamiliar to me. Open water surrounded by many and infinite rocks. So peaceful and uncommunicated. A place you wouldnt like to leave.

We bought a 2 days 1 night cruise in which they gave us a looot of food, an amazing kayak tour, the opportunity to jump in the bay with the beautiful company of jellyfishes.

At night all the cruises go to the same place and its amazing to see the lighting and the sky from the top of the "boat".

Once this beautiful trip ended, we were taken back to the hotel in Hanoi. The people in the hotel of Hanoi were so kind that eventhough we didnt rent the room this day, they allowed us to shower and to stay until aprox. 8 pm (the only thing they asked for was to make a possitive hotel comment online!!!!!!!!!!!).

So now our route was to take the train to Da Nang. But before A.L. went to pick up his bag to Hanoi's airport, because it finally arrived.


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