I forgot to mention in my previous post that the tiny little bag of A.L. didnt arrive to Shanghai. So he had to manage with a t shirt a few days... because he never bought anything.... and yes.. the 3 of us, suffered the consequences..

Since we arrived late at night, we found just one open and "decent" (sarcastically) place to have dinner. The "exquisite" food was: noodles, soup of noodles and chicken...

So after having dinner, we decided to go back to the hotel and ask to the people there for places in which we could have a drink or dance.. The girl wrote us some directions in a piece of paper (in chinese and "english"). Wow, that place in the paper was so hard to find. We went forward and backward just to get there, although in the process we discovered many cool views of Shanghai at night.

Once we arrived to the final destination, which was sort of a "terrace" with many many bars altogether, we sat down, asked for drinks and talked for a while about the bad chinese dancing and many other banal things. Clearly this zone was not cheap. So we went to bed early that day.

The following day was very intense, because we planned a citytour and we had to catch a plane to Hanoi.

In the few hours we stayed in Shanghai, we discovered: 1. a good Bakery nearby our hotel in which we had breakfast, 2. their organized subway, 3. People Square, 4. some malls, 5. the monument with the 2 "balls" and so on...

At the airport we finally were introduced to what I will call "floor - toilet" (squat toilet or turkish toilet), and thank God it was at the airport!

We saw the typical chinese cats with its moving arm. And our first day and a half in Shanghai was over.


I think the toilets are called "turkish toilets".. and they are more common than one could expect, especially in the muslim and eastern world.
They are only a bit uncomfortable in the beginning, no?
Ana Beatriz said…
Thanks bro =). I have added your feedback to the post..
The fact is that it is uncomfortable due to the lack of hygiene in the public places. I didn´t try it at the airport but at some other restaurant... It was quite an experience........

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