Un jour, un "post", une photo: Kapital

Mimi, my flatmate, whose also known as Mylène, had some french friends over at our house. Since Mimi doesn't go out much to places that involve alcohol and "I do", she was counting on me to take her friends out and introduce them to Madrid's nightlife.
Where to take them was the BIG question... She wanted to go to a big place with cool music and cool people.. We had 2 options: "Kapital" wich is nearby our house has 7 floors + different music on each floor or "Pacha" which only features electro music.

I think you can guess what we chose.

Kapital was crowded. We spent about 1 hour just trying to put our coats in the wardrobe. Don't even get me started on how long it took us to order one drink!

First we chose to go to the "latin music floor" and we spent about 2 hours metting some people and dancing a bit.. Then we went for a tour of the 7th floor which is a terrace. The terrace had a laid-back atmosphere, chillout music and cool seats. We only spent 15 minutes there before getting bored and escaping to something a little more up beat. We ventured on to the first floor and got "jiggy wit' it" to some electronic music.

The last few hours were just AMAZING. The combination of great music (my new favorite: David Guetta), great people, great effects (which you can clearly see in the below picture), made this night an exceptional. It was one of those days in which you didnt expect much to happen and ended up having a blast.

Its nice to spend time with people who appreciate good choices of entertainment.


Elodie said…
It was so perfect!!!!
Thanks Ana!!!
See you soon in Frnace!!
Ana Beatriz said…
Yeah!!! See ya there!!! But first!!! Asia ;) !!!!

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