24 is a good number.. It is the number of hours in a day, the name of a good tv show.. and the most important thing, is my new age...
Yep.. Yesterday was my birthday..
And it is not that I like this very much, but I guess I have no choice but to face the reality and deal with this until I turn 25.
The few past weeks were pretty strange. My nearly 4 year relationship came to an end, my direct manager was changed to the person whom I was really working with and my rent was reduced 30€..
One of those 3 things hurts me a lot, but I try not to think about it too much, otherwise I would cry all day long...
One of those 3 things makes me feel that my company realized that one should depend on those who are actually overseeing what you are doing, because its the only way to progress and be evaluated fairly...
And one of those 3 things makes me feel as if miracles can happen! Having rent reduced!? Has that ever happen to anyone?!
Again, 24 ... wow.. many things have happened in my life.. where am I gonna be tomorrow? That will be a good question to answer...


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