Is it racism? Is it knowledge?

Today, as any other regular and normal day, I wake up at 7 10 hurrying up to catch the train to work... Gave up waking up at 6 15, cause I end up leaving the office late.
As I locate myself in a place where I can stand without many people around me, I see a woman that is sitting right next to me reading the newspaper...
What is so curious about this newspaper she is reading?
Well, I find myself reading an article that had a Spanish map with some colors indicating some regions...
At the right side, a legend.... with numbers and different countries all around the world...
It was a distribution of how immigrants are located across Spain, according to the different Autonomic Communities.

Is there really a benefit of doing this? Is this a simple new, just like the crisis is going up, or the A flu cases are increasing?
My opinion? NO, NEGATIVE..

In this occasion my country was not even mentioned... so I do not feel alluded.
But I really think this kind of articles make harder to avoid the racism that we all know exist in the develop countries with a high level of immigrants across their nations.

Or could someone please inform me of the benefit of publishing this type of lists?!


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