To communicate... To be able to understand...

Living abroad... living outside your hometown should open your eyes to many different things...
One thing I'd very much like to indicate here is that America is composed by 3 continents : North America, Centre America & Caribbean, South America. (Find a link to wikipedia for more geographic informationérica). Caribbean and South America are not the same nor have the same culture. Random countries might have similar activities or people, but they are so not identical.
This statement I believe is very important to people whose hometown is not America.
Languages, Religions, Goverments, General Cultures.. are very much different from one country to another, and so among continents...Depending on the education one had had, one will understand world and its enviroment.
When a latin american person decides to leave all behind (hometown, family, friends, routine..) and try something new.. its a complicated adventure...
Finding a decent appartment, a decent job, decent friends... its all a lottery, one have to play..

A decent appartment because (though its understandable) not everybody wants anybody in their houses. It is a difficult integration and even more if one do not share the same language. By language we want to imply a way to communicate, gestures, words, intentions. It is impressive that eventhough i speak spanish there is a large list of Spanish words (Spanish from Spain) that are not 100% clear to me.
It is a process of understanding that result in a very interesting process of integration, of which we can all gain and improve are vocabulary and ways to express certain things.
For those who dont know me, i was born at the Dominican Republic, a small island located in the beautiful Caribbean. People in my country (not saying i am included) are normally very friendly, opened, hard workers... and have a very particular way to express things (Find a link to a dominican dictionary with a lot of coloquial expressions . Today I can say i more or less understand people in Spain, but anytime i have been told my words are not clear or do not exist, i always refer them to wiki or the dictionary... nothing could be better expressed. Not a word that is registered there, could be doubted.


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