Money? Can one buy freedom?

Among all the creatures on Earth, God provided human beings of several privileges that shall make a difference between non rational animals and them.
Though time has passed by, we are not quite sure if all that is written on that called
“Bible” is true. But we can be certainly confident on us living this moment. Having our eyes opened and able to discover all that has been left of those mysterious moments and the ones that are alive or yet to come.
Myself, I am not a regular “Bible” reader nor like magazines. Let’s say I was not quite a reader before moving to Spain, but books that were mandatory at school (Uncle’s Tom Cabin, Platero & I, among many others), definitely soft.

A few months ago, I was given a book called “Rich Woman” (A Financial Guide for Woman) by Kim Kiyosaki.
My first thought? Are you going out of your mind or what?! So not reading that!
My second thought? This is a gift from my dad, the least I could do is to force myself to read it!
Today? Done with it and very much recommend it.
Even though I barely like finance, economics or things that are related, it is just there. It is life itself, it is at our work, house, spare time. All the things one do, involve them.
Investments? Great alternative to have hand pocket money, fluent cash, different than your regular income. Does not appeal to be different for one person to another in terms of retribution; although you need a certain level of information to make them work. Does not have a better response depending on your age (Age is not a fact here, neither a barrier).
This book shows how independent a woman could be economically. Which takes me to the thought that it is a great moment for this to come out, considering women are, nowadays, trying to demonstrate how strong they are and can be while having a house (family), a job and her own social life.
It gives you the non anymore utopian idea of “Yes, I could retire at age 35” .


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