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Un jour, un "post", une photo: Vetusta Morla

In terms of music I am always open to new stuff, this my friends know better.  Recently I have discovered my passion for "Indie".  For those who are not familiar with "Indie", this is like a more alternative way to present the traditional pop rock (personal opinion).

A friend proposed me to join a group of his friends to go to the Vetusta Morla's concert in Madrid at La Riviera, and this was a great opportunity for me to change my perspective on spanish bands and concerts.  And yes, since I am a very "musical" person, I coudn't refuse going to this live gig.
Apparently this was the last concert to be announced because all of the other 4 were already sold out. Lucky for me!  I was able to buy my ticket.  Expectations regarding this event were increasing.  It was the moment for me to start "rehearsing" the set list.
Vetusta Morla's singer, Pucho, not only gives the band a solid appearance but his voice gives charm to all of their trac…


For locations like this is that I declare myself a “French culture lover”.  Actually, I still believe that I should have moved there a while ago and I think I will eventually.
Bordeaux is a city in the southwest coast of France with a very high number of students, immigrants and bikes.
The grace of this city is not based on its size but on the amount of architecture it has consolidated in such a small space.  Not only amazing to the ones that go for pure tourism – like me - but also to the ones that live there.
The journey started a bit late with my arrival at 11pm aprox.  We headed towards the city centre by bus and then Mimi and her friend (A) gave me a “short-night-tour” by railway. 
The charms of the city include – things you can’t miss:
The Market.  Colorful place with very friendly attendants willing to pose for a picture they will never see. In it you will find a bunch of seafood, which is a normal thing because of the location of Bordeaux.

Santosha and Place Fernand Lafargue.  I am…

Seeking for Order

They say order is good.  Today, I find it somehow inspiring.

The need for a change, the sense that I might be a bit comfortable is not good, it is not letting me dream.  And oh, I miss the excitement of new experiences, of new challenges, of new people, new things to learn.  Thirst. Thirst for youth to last a bit more, for as long as my heart asks for more.

In the upcoming days this page will suffer some changes.  Let us say, all my social media environment.  I need to renew.  If the challenges don’t come, I might somehow seek them.

So, yes.  Let us put order.

Pérdida de la noción del tiempo

Entre una cosa y otra, siguen pasando los meses y uno a penas se va dando cuenta. Si le hubiera creído a quienes me decían que esto pasaría mientras me fuera haciendo mayor...
Los padres se fueron, vino Mimi a casa, vino el hermano. Han sido unas vacaciones cargadas de energía, de descubrir lugares desconocidos, de comida del mundo, de corridas de toros, entretenido sin duda.
En la oficina todas las ofertas que tenía fueron cayendo por una cosa u otra, me ha dado mucho coraje porque "quiero aprovechar el tiempo y mi juventud", pero parece como si no avanzara y no me gusta la sensación. No es que no esté contenta con lo que hago, pero como dijo Steve Jobs - y se lo copio a un compi del curro que lo puso hace poco y me recordó el por qué del éxito de algunas personas - : "I have looked every morning in the mirror and asked myself: If today were the last day of my life, would I want to do what I am about to do today? And whenever the answer has been "No" for too…

Junio - Julio

Entre el estrés de las últimas semanas de junio - trabajo, boda, eventos sociales - ahí estaba yo. Que por todo ésto, me perdí de acompañar a mi amiga Mimi a su oposición en Versailles.

En el trabajo, estoy cubriendo una "Baja por maternidad" que me ha ocupado el 90% del tiempo la última semana: Presentaciones de último minuto para el "Country leader" de mi oficina y las que tienen una denominación habitual. Trabajar para managers de este calibre, supone la revisión de ciertas diapositivas unas 3 veces más o menos. Los managers aquí son (algunas veces) personas de poco tacto, pero de las que se aprende bastante... Se aprende a tener buenas ideas y a tener distinta perspectiva para analizar datos - que es mi trabajo -, pero también se aprende a ver "cómo no debo ser, si quiero ser educada y mantener mi sentido de formalidad ante los demás".
Las presentaciones en las que he estado involucrada gracias a la ausencia de esta compañera, han sido entretenidas …

Discovering Central East Africa (Volume 3, Rwanda)

The country with a thousand hills and million smiles...

Not in vain have they called this country that way. Rwanda is a tiny piece of Africa, it is a place rich in nature, history and people with incredible needs.

Intense questioning at the airport's migration area began my discovery of this (contradictorily) green but arid city (Kigali). Different than in many European or American countries, in theory developed places and (some) engaged with the "Save the Planet" slogans, Rwanda is a country with a very important recycling commitment (No plastic bags are allowed through the airport).

A city tour that lasted less than 10 minutes, but that showed the safety of the American Embassy, the location of the humble UNICEF office (where my brother used to work), and important monument where - according to my brother - brides and grooms go to take wedding pictures at.

My brother's place...

In order to access the house there was a non asphalted road1, decorated with very few electri…

Discovering Central East Africa (Volume 2)

Africa is not all about empty lands, poor people, deserts, black kids going around asking for money, camels, elephants, or whatever those things you are thinking. But yes, you see many of those.
In the past, present and posts to come I just wish to share my perspective on this trip and by no means meant to dispise the work/life of people/organization/city here mentioned.

The reason to chose Kenya was because my brother had some friends living there. They work at United Nations, which happens to be the HQ for Africa. It made a huge impression on me the office they have there, it looked like a College Campus. Makes me wonder that if they claim to be a NGO, shouldnt they be using their funds for the causes they are working for? (UN stated aims are facilitating cooperation in international law, international security, economic development, social progress, human rights, and achievement of world peace)

I mean it is ok to have comfortable offices, a comfotable restaurant, but what is the need …

Discovering Central East Africa (Volume1)

As you all may know, my brother was living in Rwanda for 2 years aprox, just left it a few days ago. I was excited about visiting him because I loved the idea of seeing his life there, know the people that surrounded him and of course, not least important, discovering a new piece of the world I hadn't seen before. First stop: Nairobi, Kenya
In Nairobi they speak very good English because of their british influence. They got their independance from UK in 1963. But they also speak swahili, which is the local language. Why am I saying this? Because it surprised me a lot when I went to inmigration, the great pronounciation they had when asking the typical questions of: how long are you staying, put your fingers here for fingerprint scanning... The first interesting moment was having my first dinner: we went to an ethiopian restaurant and ate "tef" with various "wat" and meat from an unknown animal. All hand eaten. Great.. my first reaction was to ask my brother if in A…

Hong Kong

The one that said that Paris was the city of lights, had never gone to Hong Kong before.

Different than our first chinese approach in Shanghai, Hong Kong welcomed myself (the only one of the group who had not a european passport) with a 30 day tourist visa and the friendly face of an inmigration police officer. Totally unexpected!

The hotel room where we stayed was small but fancy enough at a "decent" price for Hong Kong. And WOW!!!! We left the hotel and started to see all those lights!! Lights for hotels, lights for advertising, lights for food, lights for stores.... lights lights lights... neon lights!!! just as the ones you see in movies, just as the ones I was dying to see for once in my life!

After walking around through the closest street to the hotel - always "looking right" to ensure there was no car coming and that we were not the stupid pedestrians crossing when it was not allowed (Thank you British to pass on the culture to the asiatics)-, we decided to h…


Como arena en colador se fue Enero. Mi mes favorito.
El mes de familia, de comida, de amigas y amigos, de planes, de ponerme mas vieja.
Mis vacaciones en casa fueron increibles desde todos los puntos de vista. Fui con Mimi, mi amiga francesa que no habia cruzado nunca el "charco". Nos paseamos por Santiago, Puerto Plata, Bayahibe, La Romana, Samana, San Pedro de Macoris, Juan Dolio, Boca Chica... en Santo Domingo recorrimos de extremo a extremo la ciudad. Un poco de cultura y de recordar lugares que habia visitado cuando tenia menos edad.
Vi a mis adorables amigas, A.S. y D.L. cada una de ellas con sus respectivos preciosos diablitos (2x2). Recarga de vitalidad y energia - siempre que lo miro desde fuera, por supuesto -.
Vi a F.C., mi gran amigo. Cada vez que nos vemos es como si no hubiera pasado ni un segundo. Siempre hay algo que contar y siempre me la paso muy bien. En este viaje nos llevo a lugares desconocidos para Mimi y para mi, pero que guardan un encanto especial, todo…